World War 3 ’95

(All screen captures are the property of World Wrestling Entertainment)

World War 3

November 26, 1995

Norfolk Scope

Norfolk, Virginia

News & Notes: At Halloween Havoc, The Giant defeated Hulk Hogan by disqualification. He left with the belt, but everyone believed he stole it. However, Jimmy Hart revealed he added a stipulation to the match contract. The title could change hands on a DQ, which meant the Giant was the new WCW Champion. The WCW Championship Committee had none of that. They sent an executive to strip the Giant of the title. He announced they would determine a new champion in the 3-Ring 60-Man Battle Royal at World War 3. Meanwhile, Hogan was losing his mind. Jimmy Hart’s betrayal pushed him deeper into the darkside. He cut promos dressed as what looked like a pirate. He carried a sword and talked about Randy Savage beheading Meng. It was ridiculous. It didn’t help that Sting refused to end his friendship with Lex Luger. He didn’t want to abandon his long-time friend. He believed he could turn him back to their side. This only fueled Hogan’s paranoia.

Those weren’t the only shenanigans happening in WCW. Bobby Heenan became friends with a Japanese businessman named Sonny Onoo. We saw them having sushi dinners together and exchanging envelopes of money. Onoo revealed Heenan sold him half of the TV show WCW Pro. He used it to showcase NJPW talent. The problem is, Bobby didn’t have the authority to do such a thing. WCW stepped in and put an end to the agreement. They announced a compromise involving Starrcade. I will explain more in my next WCW review.


The show opens with the narrator telling us WCW declares war. Who are they declaring war against? Your guess is as good as mine. Epic music plays. It sounds like a knock-off of “O Fortuna.” They show clips of action while the music switches to a funky bass riff. It’s the same song that becomes La Parka’s theme. WCW loved their stock music. Then, the narrator tells us about the biggest Battle Royal ever. There are three rings, three giants, and one Battle Royal! Welcome to World War 3!


Tony Schiavone welcomes everyone to the Virginia waterfront. He’s with Bobby Heenan, and they’re beside the ring. They moved the announce position. Heenan bemoans this fact throughout the broadcast. He doesn’t like wrestlers fighting around him. Tony speaks about the vacant WCW Title. Bobby asks him to pick a winner. Tony says Hogan and Heenan chooses Savage. But, Bobby almost changes his mind to the Giant. Tony then discusses the other matches while Bobby changes his pick to Flair.


Mean Gene is at the interview podium with Hogan, Savage, and Sting. Gene says many people are picking Hogan to win the Battle Royal. I’m sure Sting and Savage appreciated Gene saying that. Hogan then speaks about taking a walk to the darkside, but he didn’t take the final step. The darkside is no more. He removes his black bandanna and shirt and throws them into a trash can. Then, he sets them on fire. It startles Gene. Hogan claims he will never question his friends again. We will see how long that lasts. He also says he doesn’t care about Sting’s trip with Luger. He wants to be Sting and Savage’s friend forever. Gene is too distracted to care. He tells someone to put that cigarette out! Oh, excuse me. I meant the fire. Hogan ignores this while Sting fans the flames. Hogan would rather laugh about Dave Meltzer’s Observer. He holds up a copy and says, “Observe this, brother! This is what we call a rag sheet, brother!” They said Macho is injured and the Giant will win the Battle Royal. Hogan thinks that’s funny. He claims the internet has better scoops. I’m pretty sure the internet gets their scoops from Dave. Hogan then burns the Observer and celebrates with Sting and Macho. Meltzer loved the publicity from this segment.


Next, Gene promises a full recap of the DDP/Badd feud. But, we get footage of some promos from Saturday Night. Page challenges Badd to a match. Kimberly speaks, but DDP tells her to zip it. She has enough and tells Dallas to zip it instead. She then leaves, but they cut to a later promo. She puts herself up as a prize in the match because she knows what the title means to Dallas. I don’t understand her reasoning, but okay. She says he cares more about titles and possessions than her. She hates it when he asks her to give him a ten. She says he wouldn’t know a ten if he saw it, but maybe Badd will. DDP tells Gene everything is cool, despite Kimberly walking away again.


TV Title Match: Johnny B. Badd (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (w/ The Diamond Doll)

Notes: The winner of this match will get both the TV Title and Kimberly’s services. DDP kisses Kimberly’s hand and takes her arm. He seems much more pleasant now he realizes he might lose her. However, he takes a moment to set off a Badd Blaster. Since DDP still has the blaster, Badd uses some Roman Candles in his entrance. Heenan calls him a one-man parade. He also says Page has to beat Badd because it’s personal now. There are feelings involved.

The Match: Both men scuffle to the floor where Badd sends DDP into the post. He then surprises Page with a Samoan Drop and locks him in some holds. Page answers with hair-pulling, so Badd does the same. Then, Dallas tumbles out of the ring and Johnny lands a slingshot cross body after a fake-out. Badd attempts a punch, but DDP uses Kimberly as a shield. This allows Page to take control with a reverse pancake. He looks for a ten, but Kimberly refuses to do it. Badd responds with punches and an atomic drop, which earns him a 10+ from Kimberly. He also uses a sit-out powerbomb. DDP returns with a clothesline and some cheating, but it’s not enough. DDP follows that with some tilt-a-whirl moves, but Badd surprises him with a head scissors takeover. They fight back and forth and reverse through a Tombstone. Then, Johnny sends Page out of the ring with the Tutti Frutti. He continues the onslaught with the Badd Mood and a slingshot leg drop for the win.

Thoughts: This was a fun opener. It’s a good thing these two have chemistry because WCW opens multiple shows with this match. Their matches are getting better each time. They didn’t let any holds last too long and the crowd loved it. Plus, they told a good story with Kimberly. The clean finish surprised me, but it made Badd look strong.

Winner: Johnny B. Badd (12:35)

The outcome shocks the Diamond Doll. She looks like she has regrets. She enters the ring and hesitates before hugging Johnny. He celebrates with her, but Kimberly keeps glancing at Page. Heenan says she has to get a job now.


Gene waits in the aisle for Badd and Kimberly, but he plugs the hotline first. He says there is late-breaking info about the WWF’s steroid scandal. This is a reference to accusations of witness tampering. I don’t think anything came of it. Badd and Kimberly then join Gene. Johnny says that’s no way to treat a lady, and he will teach DDP some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Gene seems to think Kimberly has to spend the rest of her life with Badd. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the stipulation. Badd doesn’t think that either. He gives Kimberly the choice to be his manager, but she has time to think about it. He also gives her a motivational speech about reaching her goals. Kimberly calls it a night of mixed emotions. She’s glad Johnny gave her time to think. But, she says the better man won tonight. Badd then says he’s ready to go to war in the Battle Royal.


Taped Fist Match: Big Bubba Rogers vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Notes: Jim Duggan went to Ireland to research his family history. He discovered his grandmother was a taped-fist boxing champion. This included an amusing picture of Duggan dressed up as an old woman. After this revelation, Duggan started winning matches by taping his fist. I use that term loosely. He wrapped some tape in a haphazard way that wouldn’t do any extra damage. He also drew the ire of both Big Bubba and VK Wallstreet. Duggan cost Bubba a match with Dave Sullivan. Jim put Dave’s pet rabbit in the ring, which caused Bubba to have an allergic reaction. He cost Bubba another match by tripping him. Rogers fell on his own taped fist and knocked himself out. This is a rather silly feud, to say the least. Duggan arrives for this match with his fists taped to the elbows. He even fashioned a sling to hold his 2×4. David Penzer announces the rules of the match. You can only win by pin or knock-out.

The Match: Duggan jumps Bubba before the match and they brawl into the ring. The ref prevents Duggan from using his 2×4, so both men trade punches and clotheslines. Then, they brawl to the floor and to the second ring. Duggan traps Bubba’s head between the posts and punches him. He then dives at Rogers, but Bubba moves. Duggan crashes on the rail. Bubba attacks with uppercuts and chokes. He also nails an enziguri. Bubba then focuses on Jim’s ribs until Duggan answers with a shoulder block. It’s not enough, so Rogers tapes Duggan’s arm to the ropes. He punches Jim, but Bubba runs into Duggan’s outstretched fist. Duggan follows that by backdropping Rogers out of the ring. The brawl continues until Duggan slams him and nails the running clothesline. However, VK Wallstreet appears. Duggan spots him and uses the 2×4, but VK tosses a chain into the ring. Bubba uses it to knock out Duggan for the win.

Thoughts: This was mindless brawling. There were a couple of amusing moments, but they weren’t enough to save it. Most of the match was weak-looking punches. It’s also another example of Duggan never losing in a clean fashion. His matches either end with no decision, or he loses by shenanigans. He might be the most protected man in wrestling and I don’t know why.

Winner: Big Bubba Rogers (10:08)

Tony discusses the remaining card and tells fans they can chat with WCW stars on CompuServe. It’s amusing seeing old mid-90s internet. Tony awkwardly asks if Heenan ever chatted on CompuServe. Bobby says yes, but Tony doesn’t believe him. Heenan mimes using a typewriter to show he knows what he’s doing.


Gene is back at the interview podium with Ric Flair. He says they’re in Flair’s old stomping grounds, but Sting wants revenge. Flair says the whole world knows the Nature Boy will style and profile. Ric claims Sting almost ended his career on Nitro, but he’s back. Ric then cuts off Gene’s next thought. Flair says that’s the way it is whether you like it or not. Gene moves on and mentions the Battle Royal. Flair could become a twelve-time champion. Ric says it was his master plan to get Sting, Hogan, and Savage under the same roof at the same time. Doesn’t that happen on a weekly basis? He didn’t need a plan for that. Then, Ric compares himself to Dr. J ruling The Scope. Gene tries ending the interview, but Flair keeps wooing.


Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto (w/ Sonny Onoo) vs. Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki

Notes: The WWF had a Japanese women’s match at Survivor Series, so WCW decided to do the same. Bull Nakano appeared on this blog before, but I want to introduce Akira Hokuto. She is a legitimate badass. She is much like Sabu. She earned a reputation for finishing matches, despite horrific injuries. She continued a match after breaking her neck. She also wrapped up a shattered knee and finished a bout. They nicknamed her the Mummy because of her wrapped wounds. Bull & Akira represent AJW, but they face a team from a rival promotion. Mayumi & Cutie wrestle for JWP (Joshi Puroresu). It’s interesting that both WCW and the WWF can work with AJPW. It’s also odd NJPW didn’t mind WCW working with another company. Finally, I want to mention Mike Tenay joins commentary for this match because he is familiar with Japanese wrestling. He becomes WCW’s go-to guy for international wrestling knowledge.

The Match: Bull & Akira jump their opponents and double-team them. Bull whips Mayumi around by the hair while Akira mocks Cutie for not tagging. They also bite and choke Ozaki while Nakano absorbs her attacks. But, Ozaki counters with a DDT and tags Suzuki. They put Bull & Akira in Half Crabs and do their own double-teaming. It continues until Cutie hits her partner by mistake. Bull answers with a powerbomb, but she misses a moonsault. Ozaki & Suzuki use the opening to land numerous flying stomps. However, Bull blocks both a double-suplex and a double-superplex. The match becomes a brawl and Cutie & Mayumi do stereo hurricanranas. Ozaki then performs a bridging half nelson suplex, but Akira dumps her on her head. Hokuto also takes out both women with a missile dropkick. She follows that with a somersault plancha to the floor. It astounds Heenan. Then, Bull & Akira do a Doomsday Device, but Cutie stops the pin. Akira deals with Cutie, so Bull lands a flying leg drop for the win.

Thoughts: This was great. I would call it better than the WWF’s women’s match. The match had some brutal spots. There were also some fun ones. I wish the crowd was more into it, but they reacted to some of the bigger moments. This is a great example of the international variety WCW provided. You can tell Bischoff had ideas for a women’s division. It’s unfortunate it doesn’t amount to much.

Winners: Bull & Akira (9:16)


Gene plugs the hotline again before welcoming Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger. He calls Hart a little twerp. Jimmy ignores the insult and mocks Randy Savage. He tells him Luger will be the next champion because he has the Mouth of the South in his corner. Luger then raises his hand for a high-five, but Jimmy leaves him hanging. Poor Lex pretends he’s waving to the crowd. Gene says Savage promised Luger wouldn’t make it to the Battle Royal. Luger calls himself the flagship of WCW. He also says he’s the past present and future. Lex then promises to break Savage into pieces and become the next WCW champion. Gene ends the interview by mocking Luger for being oily. He asks if it’s 10W-40. I also have to point out Luger used cue-cards. He spent the entire promo looking down at something. That’s kind of sad.


U.S. Title Match: Kensuke Sasaki (c) (w/ Sonny Onoo) vs. Chris Benoit

Notes: It’s been a while since we saw Sasaki on this blog. He’s been busy since then. He met and married Akira Hokuto. It’s sweet that a husband and wife have back-to-back matches on this card. Kensuke also won the U.S. Title from Sting at a WCW/Japan show. He defends it against the newest member of the Four Horsemen, Chris Benoit. He joined Flair, Anderson, & Pillman to complete the revival of the group. Benoit received this shot because he defeated Kensuke on Nitro before Sasaki won the belt.

The Match: Both men trade hard chops and kicks before doing a test of strength. It goes back and forth until Kensuke answers with hard strikes and slams. Benoit tries evading him, but Sasaki nails a press slam. Benoit answers by sending him to the floor and performing a dive. Chris follows that with a snap suplex and a triangle choke. Then, Sasaki catches Chris in a powerslam. Benoit responds with rolling German suplexes. He also reverses a tombstone and hits a flying headbutt. Next, Chris gives Kensuke a super Frankensteiner. Sasaki returns with a powerbomb. Benoit then blocks a submission before they trade clotheslines. However, Sasaki lands a form of a brainbuster for the win.

Thoughts: This was a hard-hitting match. It started a bit slow, but it built to something good. The only problem is the crowd didn’t care. They didn’t react to much. It’s a shame. I also wish it was longer. I would love to see another match between these two.

Winner: Kensuke Sasaki (10:00)


Gene is with The Giant, The Taskmaster, and Jimmy Hart. Gene says the Giant’s father would be ashamed of him. The Giant makes a face in response. Sullivan says the Dungeon of Doom will not only be part of the Battle Royal, but they will also take no prisoners. He then calls the Giant the uncrowned champion. Gene says many people picked Giant to win tonight. Sullivan calls them smart. Then, Jimmy Hart calls Hogan, Sting, and Savage the Three Stooges. He says they’re unafraid of Hogan wearing the red and yellow again. Only the Taskmaster can wear those colors. Gene then attempts stirring dissension in the Dungeon, but Sullivan is having none of it. Next, the Giant speaks. His voice cracks as he threatens to throw Hogan over the ropes. He also gives everyone a poem. He says, “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m going to kick your butt to Kalamazoo!” I don’t know who told the Giant to do poetry. That was terrible. The Giant keeps yelling, so Gene warns him not to tip over the set.

Tony then plugs Starrcade, but he has to correct the graphic because it has the wrong day on it. Oh, WCW! He also introduces a recap of the Luger/Savage feud. They show the various confrontations and matches between them. They also include Luger turning on Hogan and Savage. Luger and the Dungeon then attacked Randy on Nitro and Lex injured Savage’s arm.


Gene is with Randy Savage. He calls him nervous and jittery. Savage says that’s his personality and charm. He also says what it is, is what it is. That seems to be his new favorite phrase. Savage says Luger will find out he’s the total package. World War 3 will happen in the ring in a second. Gene brings up Savage’s arm. Randy says, “I say I’m a million percent. That’s better than a hundred percent!” I’m sure Scott Steiner would agree. Randy then promises to stay positive and tells Luger they have a date. Aw, how sweet. Oh, wait. He said date with destiny.


Lex Luger (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

Notes: Savage for some reason circles around and walks through the curtain. He was at the interview podium. It’s Savage. I won’t question it. Savage’s arm is still wrapped in heavy bandages. I thought Hogan said he wasn’t hurt! He assured me the internet had the scoop! If you can’t trust the internet, who can you trust? Meanwhile, Luger enters the arena and poses with some pyro. It makes Jimmy Hart jump. The ref tries holding Savage back, but he jumps Luger when he enters the ring.

The Match: Savage chokes Lex on the ropes and rams him into the corners. Luger surprises him with a boot, but Randy nails a clothesline. He then puts Luger in a Boston Crab. Lex breaks free and they brawl to the floor. Savage rams Luger into the rail. He then rolls Luger into the ring and hits the flying elbow. But, Jimmy Hart distracts the ref. Savage attempts throwing Luger into Hart, but Jimmy moves. The fight spills to the floor again and Luger puts Savage in the Torture Rack. Jimmy has to remind Lex to return to the ring. Luger obliges and puts Savage in an armbar. Randy passes out, so the ref awards Luger the match.

Thoughts: The match had some good intensity, but not a lot happened. It was mostly Savage on offense before the abrupt ending. I like the idea behind the match. It only lacked substance. They kept it short because these two men have to enter the Battle Royal. This should have been earlier in the card. That hurt the quality. However, I did enjoy Luger’s loud selling. He went into overdrive in this match.

Winner: Lex Luger (5:28)

After the match, Luger refuses to release the hold. He continues attacking the arm until Sting arrives to talk to him. He whispers something, so Lex stops and leaves the ring. Sting then checks on Savage’s condition.

Next, they recap the Sting/Flair feud. It includes a montage of Flair’s bouts with Anderson and his turn at Halloween Havoc. Then, we see footage of Sting facing Flair on Nitro when fans voted on the match. Sting says he locked Flair in the Scorpion Deathlock before. He only let go because someone got in his ear. It won’t happen again. The narrator claims this will be the most intense Sting/Flair match ever.


Sting vs. Ric Flair

Notes: Sting had a rough time since Halloween Havoc. He lost his U.S. Title and tried salvaging his friendship with Lex Luger. He didn’t agree with Lex’s decisions, but they were still good friends. Sting believed he could rehabilitate Luger. This caused friction between Sting, Hogan, and Savage. Then, Sting had a match with Flair and refused to release him from the Scorpion Deathlock. Luger appeared and convinced Sting to stop. That’s why Sting did the same for Lex on this show. On a side note, Col. Parker and Sister Sherri appear during this match. They sit on the podium and watch. I’m not sure why. It’s random.

The Match: Sting flusters Flair with punches, press slams, and clotheslines. Ric regroups and moves from ring to ring. He lures in Sting, but Sting absorbs his chops and punches. Flair teases leaving until Sting stops him. Then, Sting crashes on the guardrail when he misses a Stinger Splash. The ref prevents Ric from using a chair, so Ric does eye-rakes and low-blows instead. He then wears Sting down and attacks his leg. He also distracts the ref and tosses Sting over the ropes. Flair continues his attack and rips at Sting’s face. Once he has Sting where he wants him, he puts Sting in the Figure Four. Ric punches and slaps Sting, so Sting reverses the hold. Flair argues with the ref before Sting begins absorbing his strikes again. Sting responds with more press slams and throws Ric off the top rope. Sting then whips Ric around the ring and no-sells an atomic drop. Sting continues with a superplex and puts Ric in the Scorpion Deathlock. It’s enough for a submission.

Thoughts: This was solid, but it felt like most Sting/Flair bouts. I’m unsure the intensity matched the build. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it. Flair was quite entertaining. However, it didn’t blow me away. I will give them credit for getting the best reactions of the night. This is one of the few bouts the fans were into.

Winner: Sting (14:30)

Tony and Bobby recap the night. Tony questions the conditions of those who already wrestled tonight. Heenan predicts none of them will win the match. It will be a fresh man. Then, they recap what led to this match. Jimmy Hart betrayed Hulk Hogan. The Giant left with the belt, but WCW stripped him of the title. A WCW official with a nasal voice announced the winner of World War 3 would become the new WCW Champion.


Mean Gene then welcomes Hulk Hogan to the podium. I’m having deja-vu. I swore we heard from him already. Hogan says, “Fee fi fo fum, I smell the stench of the stinky giant one, brother!” He says he’s focused on the Giant, but he wants his belt back. He claims he never should have lost it. Hogan then warns Sting and Savage they’re marked men if they get in his way. He tears his shirt while he speaks. Hogan also says only WCW could have put this match together. He calls it the most dangerous match ever, but I doubt that. Hogan then says he hopes he is in there with his friends at the end. But, he also says he wants to be alone with the Giant. Make up your mind, Hulk! You’re all over the place. Finally, Hogan worries about the Giant’s stinky hands. What is Hulk’s obsession with smells? Everything is stinky to him! However, he believes the goodness of WCW and Hulkamania is stronger. I guess they smell better.

Tony and Bobby show off the belt. It still has Hogan’s name on it. I guess WCW didn’t buy a new nameplate because the Hogan one stays for a while. Also, Tony introduces two other announce teams to handle the main event. Dusty Rhodes is with Eric Bischoff, and Larry Zbyszko is with Chris Cruise.


60-Man World War 3 Match for the vacant WCW Title

Notes: David Penzer announces the participants.

Participants: Arn Anderson, Alex Wright, Brian Knobbs, Barrio Brother Ricky (I swore he said Mario Brother), Squire David Taylor, Scott Armstrong, Sting, Jumpin’ Joey Maggs, Pistol Pez Whatley, Disco Inferno, Meng, Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, Lt. James Earl, Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, Cobra, The Giant, Paul Orndorff, Chris Kanyon, Bobby Walker, Earl Robert Eaton, Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Marcus Bagwell, The Yeti, Kurasawa, Hugh Morrus, The Zodiac, VK Wallstreet, DDP, Scott Norton, Flyin’ Brian, Sgt. Craig Pittman, One Man Gang, Super Assassin #2, Mr. JL, Bunkhouse Buck, Kensuke Sasaki, Mike Winter, The Shark, Steve Armstrong, Hawk, Dave Sullivan, Scotty Riggs, Johnny B. Badd, Big Train Bart, Lord Steven Regal, Dick Slater, Max Muscle, Super Assassin #1, Barrio Brother Fidel, The Taskmaster, Jerry Sags, Jim Duggan, Booker T, Big Bubba, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan.

That list is packed with jobbers. Most of them are enhancement talent from WCW Saturday Night. I recognize most of the names, but I have no clue about Big Train Bart. He looks like Uncle Elmer. (UPDATE: It’s Black Bart under a new gimmick. He looked different so I didn’t know.) I should point out Hugh Morrus (Bill DeMott). He is the newest member of the Dungeon of Doom. He’s an agile big man they nicknamed the laughing man. Get it? He’s humorous! Oh, the hilarity! If you’re wondering about the Super Assassins, they are the Powers of Pain under masks. I’m unsure why they did that. Wouldn’t WCW want people to know Barbarian and Warlord were back in the company? Also, The Yeti is now wearing a ninja outfit. WCW struggled with the definition of a yeti. Then, Michael Buffer does his shtick, and the match begins.

The Match: (I won’t cover every elimination. I will mention the highlights.) They break the action into three small screens, which makes it hard to follow. Someone eliminates The Yeti first. So much for that giant. Then, all of the clubbering excites Dusty Rhodes. He says they are rag-tagging Sting. Meanwhile, Flair and Hogan brawl with each other. In another ring, Pillman and Benoit work together. They consolidate the rings as people eliminate the lesser stars. At one point, they wheel an Armstrong brother away on a stretcher. Then, Luger and Anderson fight on the floor because the rings are too crowded. Sting and Flair also fight outside. We even get a glimpse of the future when Savage and DDP brawl. Next, The Dungeon team up on Hogan while Savage and Luger fight. The Dungeon almost fights each other, but Sullivan stops that.

The Horsemen and the Dungeon team until Pillman eliminates the Zodiac. On the other side of the ring, Hawk saves his Japanese partner, Kensuke Sasaki. Hawk yells at Hogan because he forgot their spot. He arrives and eliminates both men. Then, Guerrero fights Flair & Anderson, but they’re too much for him. Flair returns to Sting, who eliminates him and Anderson. Luger & Sting then team to attack The Giant. The sneaky Hogan eliminates all three of them. However, the Giant pulls Hogan out under the bottom rope. They brawl while Savage dumps One Man Gang. The ref sees Savage alone in the ring, so he declares him the winner. Hogan is shocked because he wasn’t eliminated.

Thoughts: This was a mess. It was hard to follow and filled with jobbers. Battle Royals usually get decent by the end, but the finish was abrupt and confusing. There weren’t any big moments. Bodies flew all over the place and then it ended. This was a nice idea on paper, but it was terrible in execution.

Winner: Randy Savage (New Champion) (29:40)


Hogan returns to the ring and protests the outcome. He complains he went under the ropes, but the ref didn’t see it. Randy Anderson raises Savage’s arm, despite Hogan’s complaints. Hogan also argues with Savage, but he didn’t see what happened either. They announce Savage as the winner and new champion. Gene enters the ring, so Hogan whines to him too. Savage says Hogan is his friend, and he swears he didn’t see nothing. It’s a double-negative, so technically Savage could mean it either way. Savage says what it is, is what it is. There’s that phrase again! Hogan asks the fans if they saw him go under the ropes. Some fans cheer, but there are boos. Savage claims it isn’t cool if there’s a dark cloud over his win. He wants to see the film. Gene says they will see the footage on Nitro. Hogan sarcastically congratulates Savage, but he wants a shot at his belt. Then, both men shake hands. This didn’t make Hogan look good. He came off as whiny. It also soured Savage’s win. The fans booed when they announced him as the winner.

Tony and Bobby recap what happened. Heenan yells at Hogan for complaining. He says the referee’s decision is final. Bobby then asks what will happen on Nitro, but he’s more interested in the champagne. Tony says goodnight while Bobby goes for a drink.

The Good:

* DDP/Badd was good.

* The women’s match was great.

* Sasaki/Benoit was solid.

The Bad:

* The main event was a mess.

* Bubba/Duggan was bad.

Performer of the Night:

I’m giving it to Bull Nakano. She was impressive as always in her match. You don’t see someone her size doing flying leg drops often.

Final Thoughts:

This event was a mixed-bag. There were some good matches, but that main event soured everything. I wanted to like the show, but it ended on a poor note. I have to rank this as average at best. The 60-Man Battle Royal was a nice idea, but it doesn’t work. WCW would sadly use it a few more times.

Thank you for reading. My next review is the WWF’s In Your House 5. Look for it next Sunday!

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